Everest University

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Prepare for your business career with Everest University! Photo by Adam Grabek.

Students interested in a career in business or the law should consider courses at Everest University Online. They also have some programs in health sciences and building trades like plumbing!

Everest University is an online college that offers degrees in a number of subjects. Business-minded students can earn a degree in Accounting, Business, or Applied Management.

And if you’re more interested in the law, earn an online degree in Criminal Justice or Homeland Security. You can also study to become a Paralegal at this online college.

Everest University Online’s career-focused coursework will prepare you for a great job. They provide you with hands-on training that will ensure you are prepared for the career path of your choosing.

Why Everest University?

everest university

This book will help spark your entrepreneur mind!

According to their website, there are several key reasons why Everest is the best option for online college. They are as follows:

  • They have instructors with real-world experience: they recruit qualified professionals with industry-specific expertise. You get the benefit of real-world knowledge and gain the kind of practical insights that can’t be learned from a textbook.
  • They give you practical hands-on career training: You’ll learn better and quicker by doing the work than you will just sitting in a lecture room.
  • They’ll help with your search for financial aid: Most colleges cost an arm and a leg these days, but Everest will help you get an education you can afford.
  • They provide short-term career training: Many of their career programs can be completed in nine months.
  • They help our graduates find jobs after graduation: They have dedicated Career Placement Representatives who can assist you with everything from interviewing skills to improving your resume.
  • Employers recognize the quality of our graduates: Employers understand that Everest graduates have the kind of career training it takes to succeed in their chosen profession.

Everest University has campuses across the country. Visit their website for more information on both online courses and their traditional campuses.