The Sydney MOOC startup, OpenLearning, is committed to bringing education to people all over the world while maintaining personal creativity.

The mission statement of OpenLearning is as follows: “Students and teachers worldwide struggle to learn in an environment that focuses on delivering content with little room for community or creativity. Our mission is to give you the freedom and the flexibility to form a community, express your creativity and discover yourself through education.”

What sets OpenLearning apart from its other MOOCs is a focus on student collaboration. Students can join courses at their own volition, and learn at their own pace.

It was created to combine the user experience of social media platforms like Facebook and Youtube with the education and learning factors of Wikipedia. If you like a course, give it a “kudos,” which is the equivalent of a “like” on Facebook. The more Kudos a course and participant has, the more you can trust the course and content created by that person.

You can learn about the courses on their homepage and read what other students have to say after they’ve taken the course for themselves.

About OpenLearning Courses

Currently, OpenLearning has over six hundred courses and over one hundred thousand students. Each course is set up differently, but one thing remains true about the majority of the courses: they cost nothing to take.

Courses may be video-based, where you have to watch a series of videos and do any related coursework to pass. They may involve reading, discussions, and quizzes. It is all dependent on how the instructor structures the course.

Most courses are self-paced, but some follow a traditional course schedule and have a start and finish date. Many are affiliated with major universities in Australia and beyond.

OpenLearning MOOC Galymzhan Abdugalimov

Learn with OpenLearning from the comfort of your own home computer. Photo by Galymzhan Abdugalimov.

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