Learning Languages

Learning Languages Online

We live in a world that depends on communication. Every single day, we use language to communicate our wants and needs. Sure, body language is important, but what we really need is spoken language. We need language education.

Language Education Photo by Jez

We can survive with knowing one language, but we can thrive with knowing multiple! E-Learning is a great option for taking on the challenge of learning a new language. There are lots of fantastic resources online to use for learning languages.

Most are simple, easy-to-use and incredibly convenient. With most e-learning, language education is no different: learn at your own leisure and speed.

Available Resources

Below are only some of the great resources available to use for learning languages. Click on the list on the left to learn more!


The “Pimsleur Way” of learning languages is made to teach you English. The program has been recommended by Forbes, featured on PBS, and has been utilized by millions of people.

In just 30 minutes a day, using the “Pimsleur Way” you can learn English in very little time.  And Pimsleur’s convenience makes it easy for you to find the time.

Click here to learn how you can start speaking any Language in only 10 Days.

The Linguist Instituite

A language needs to be accessible. So thinks the team at The Linguist Institute, one of the leading online resources for anyone looking to learn a new language.

The Linguist Institute, or LingQ, is an invaluable tool that uses reading, writing, and speaking exercises to provide users with an experience that helps them learn how to actively communicate dans une nouvelle langue! 

Click here to start learning a new language with LingQ today!