Scholastic Teacher Express

scholastic teacher express

Download all sorts of activities for children using Scholastic Teacher Express. Photo by Katherine Clark

Scholastic Teacher Express is an online store dedicated to providing an exciting new way to shop for educational products. It offers electronic versions, as well as paperback versions of thousands of books, activities, practice pages and lesson plans covering a wide variety of subject and curriculum areas.

Teachers and professors can purchase a book, eBook, or just the pages you need, starting at just 99 cents. Some products are even free to download!

Scholastic Teacher Express Products

Scholastic Teacher Express has a large varies of products available. The website is easy to navigate, and shopping can take place a number of ways. They categorize their products in four ways: by grade, subject, product type and theme.

Products are available for students from Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade and in the following subjects:

  • Early Learning
  • Reading
  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Math
  • ELL & Spanish

In these various subjects, you can find any type of product that you are looking for from workbooks to games to posters and flip charts.

The different themes include seasonal ones like winter and fall, art, monsters, stars, sports, jungle and lots, lots more!

They even have a wide array of classroom decor, so peruse their online shelves to find things to put on the shelves of your classroom!