Hooked on Phonics

hooked on phonics

Hooked on Phonics Boosts a Child’s Reading and Comprehension. Photo courtesy of Pixabay.

Hooked on Phonics uses fun to foster a child’s love of learning. By focusing on children in pre-kindergarten to second grade, Hooked on Phonics personalizes its learning experience by meeting a child at their educational level and helping them gain new skills. 

Young learners who use Hooked on Phonics are encouraged to use their imaginations to boost their skills in reading, as well as boost study strategies to strengthen lifelong learning.  

Why does Hooked on Phonics Work?

Several studies have demonstrated that it is important for a young child to possess reading-readiness skills as they enter early educational systems. 

The U.S. Department of Education asserts that ideally, pre-kindergarteners should be able to identify letters of the alphabet, identify familiar sounds and signs, and make some attempts at reading before they enter a classroom.

A study conducted by Isabel Beck and Connie Juel, two educators and researchers on literacy, revealed the importance of laying a foundation for a youngster’s reading skills. Reports indicate that these early skills are predictors for a young student’s later reading comprehension levels, with the assertion that children who learn to read later rather than sooner increase their risk of becoming less skillful readers. 

This is where Hooked on Phonics comes in, preparing your children with a variety of reading skills to help boost their academic performance now and in the future. 

Hooked on Phonics – Resources for Each Grade Level

Young students from pre-kindergarten to second grade can receive many different kinds of skills, according to their comprehension level. Below are some of the ways that Hooked on Phonics is improving the skills of children at every level.


The resources offered for your preschoolers focus on teaching foundations for reading. With a variety of fun workbooks, complete with pictures and reading exercises, your tiny tots will be sounding out words in no time. 

Pre-kindergarteners will learn:

  • letter names and sounds
  • beginning sounds of words
  • rhyming 


To strengthen your kindergartener’s learning experience, Hooked on Phonics offers a teacher’s kit, which includes dozens of storybooks, reading workbooks, flash cards, and DVDs, devoted to boosting a child’s reading level. 

Kindergarteners will learn:

  • vowel sounds
  • pluralization
  • compound words

First Grade

Young readers at a first grade level can use a variety of online activities, workbook exercises, and custom book recommendations from Hooked on Phonics to boost their reading skills.

First graders will learn:

  • consonant blending
  • two-syllable words
  • prefixes and suffixes

Second Grade

When you hit a second grade reading level, Hooked on Phonics helps children dive into more complex reading strategies.

Second graders will learn:

  • long vowel sounds
  • r-controlled vowels
  • using y at the end  of a word
  • two-syllable word
  • complex consonant sounds
  • silent letter consonant blends (wr- and kn-) and soft letter sounds