E-Learning for Kids

e-learning for kids

The number of e-learning resources for kids is growing each day. Photo by Lucélia Ribeiro

E-Learning for Kids: Why It’s Effective

E-Learning is a rapidly growing source of education for people all over the world, and that isn’t limited to just adults and professionals. The market for E-Learning resources for kids is growing each and every day.

Not every child, or person for that matter, learns the same way. One child may be apt to sitting in a classroom engaging with a teacher for 8 hours a day, but that doesn’t work for every child. A great supplement to traditional classroom education is e-learning!

Click on the list on the left to learn about some of the great resources available to your child. From learning how to read, to supplemental workbooks and help with the science fair, if you need something to help your child develop educationally, it’s out there. And it’s just a click away.

Available Resources

Below are only some of the great resources available to your child. Click on the list on the left to learn more!


StudyDog is an incredibly useful online resource to teach children how to read. The courses are tailored to meet specific children’s reading needs – and they are having so much fun that they won’t even realize how much they are learning!

Their reading games and online learn-to-read program teach phonics and reading in a way that makes sense for each child: the exercises are fun-and the curriculum adapts to kids’ specific needs, so they learn the basics (and beyond) their own way. StudyDog is 100% kid-tested. And 100% guaranteed to make a difference, from pre-school through first grade.

Click here to get started with StudyDog Reading Software!


From kindergarten readiness through college prep, Education.com gives millions of parents and teachers the information they need to help their kids reach their full potential and get ideas to help make learning fun.

Printable workbooks help children in preschool through fifth grade learn important skills. These workbooks are a perfect way for parents to get involved with their children’s education.

Click here to learn more about Education.com and their educational workbooks!