Disability Resources

Education is something that we all need in life, no matter what type of learners we are. Whether you are an auditory, visual or kinesthetic learner, you can find the type of education that works for you.

However, some also have learning or other types of disabilities that might make getting an education a bit more difficult. Because of the spectrum of disabilities, it can be hard to create educational content that is easily accessible to everyone. E-learning can be a great option for both students with or without a disability. Keep reading for educational disability resources!

Disability ResourcesLearning Disabilities: A to Z

One of the first steps in helping someone with a learning disability learn better is to understand what they are going through. Whether you are a teacher, parent or friend, this book is a fantastic guide to understanding what learning disabilities are and how the affect the people that have them.

This book covers everything from children going to school for the first time all the way through higher education and beyond and what the struggle of having a learning disability looks like at every stage of life. Watch the video above to learn more!

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disability resourcesE-Learning and Disability in Higher Education

This text discusses the current state of higher education e-learning for students with disabilities and what the best practices are for allowing equal education to all students.

It examines the social, educational, and political background behind making online learning accessible in higher and further education while considering the roles and perspectives of the key stake-holders involved in e-learning: lecturers, professors, instructional designers, learning technologists, student support services, staff developers, and senior managers and administrators.

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