Lesley University Tour

Lesley University Tour

Take a Lesley University Tour! Photo courtesy of Lesley

About the Lesley University Tour

Interested in a Lesley University Tour? Lesley University knows that one of the most important steps in the search for the perfect college is participating in a campus visit and tour.

Lesley University Tour

In four short years, this could be you!

The campus tours at Lesley University are student led and give prospective students the chance to experience (for about an hour) what it’s like to be a student at Lesley.

The tours allow prospective students and their families to see the campus first hand and talk to both students and faculty. For this reason, although the campus tours are available year-round, the admissions office suggests prospective students visit during the academic year.

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Campus tours at Lesley University are offered during both the summer and academic months, with the exception of a few holiday periods. Whether you’re a prospective student or just a summer visitor, Lesley asks that you register for the campus tours with an online request form, available on Lesley University’s website.