Putnam Avenue Upper School

Putnam Avenue Upper School

Make learning simple at the Putnam Avenue Upper School. Photo by Rex Pe

About the Putnam Avenue Upper School

The Putnam Avenue Upper School is available to students in grades 6-8. They have previously attended the Kennedy-Longfellow School, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. School, or the Morse School.

Putnam Avenue Upper School

Photo by Deval Patrick

Because the students have previously attended the same feeder schools, Putnam Avenue creates a sense of community and responsibility for students.

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With a core values system of passion, pride, ownership, balance, and perseverance, Putnam Avenue educates its students to become socially conscious leaders both at school and in their communities. It is one of the premiere leading institutions in the country.

Additionally, Putnam Avenue Upper School is also dedicated to having parents involved in their child’s education. It provides many opportunities for interaction between parents and teachers, including reviewing student’s agendas and volunteering in the classroom.

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