Cambridge Rindge & Latin School

Cambridge Rindge at Latin School

Cambridge Rindge & Latin School. Photo by John Phelan

About Cambridge Rindge & Latin

Cambridge Rindge & Latin School is Cambridge’s only public high school. It prides itself on being radically diverse, and it has a list of impressive alum including Ben Affleck and Matt Damon.

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Friends of Cambridge Rindge and Latin School

Photo courtesy of Friends of Cambridge Rindge and Latin School

In 2010, the school asked students to create a motto. Among all of the words, “opportunity,” “diversity,” and “respect” were suggested most.

CRLS is unique. It divides students into four learning communities. This helps foster teamwork and responsibility.

Additionally, CRLS also has honor courses available to qualified students.

High School Extension Program

As part of the Cambridge Public School District, the High School Extension Program (HSEP) serves a small group of students who may not have performed well in high school but have the capabilities to succeed.

HSEP gives those students the opportunity to complete their high school education in a supportive academic environment. It runs under a non-traditional model which helps students within a variety of fields including reading, writing, and math.

The HSEP program provides opportunities for students in both academic and career-related training. Students in HSEP also have access to Cambridge Rindge & Latin School’s resources.

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