Public Schools

Public schools and educationĀ in Cambridge have over 350 years of history.

The first Cambridge public schools were established by Harvard College. In short, they were built to create an interest in pursuing higher education at the college.

Today, the Cambridge public school system consists of twelve Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade schools, including four alternative schools that are designed to meet the needs of different kinds of students.

There is also Cambridge Rindge and Latin, one of the oldest public high schools in the country.

The elementary-middle schools are: Maria L. Baldwin School, Cambridgeport School, Haggerty School, Kennedy-Longfellow School, Martin Luther King Jr. School, Morse School, and Peabody School.

Alternative Cambridge public schools

amigos school public schools

Amigos School

The city of Cambridge also offers a number of alternative learning environments.

The Amigos School was established to provide students with a bilingual education in English and Spanish. Graham and Parks Alternative School focuses on creating an individualized, hand-on, creative environment for its students.

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King Open School is a public magnet school that was established 25 years ago as an alternative to traditional public education.

Lastly, the Tobin and Tobin School is a public Montessori school. Parents are able to preference three schools for their child to attend during the school registration process.

Cambridge Rindge and Latin provides high school students with a challenging atmosphere for learning.

Also available is the Rindge School of Technical Arts which is a career and technical component of Rindge and Latin and offers 10 career and technical programs.

There is a high school extension program available for 60-100 students each year to learn in an alternative setting if they have struggled either academically or socially at their previous school.