The wonderful thing about eating in Cambridge is that there’s always a new place to explore. Maybe you had a cheeseburger yesterday for lunch; maybe cheeseburgers are not your thing right now and you’re craving tacos. Maybe tacos will be old news tomorrow.

Or maybe you’re a vegetarian in need of some fresh, green, locally-sourced veggie lovin’. No judgment. Which is why there are a series of restaurants at your disposal to satisfy your vegetarian needs (or your vegetarian-like urges).


The Egg & Egg at Clover Food Lab. Photo courtesy of Clover Food Lab.

If you haven’t already, you may want to check out Clover Food Lab and read about their incredible mission to promote vegetarian fast food using locally-grown ingredients and their implementation of policies that benefit the environment (did you know Clover Food’s food trucks don’t have refrigerators?).

Or, there’s Veggie Galaxy, sister restaurant to the well-known Veggie Planet. At this vegetarian diner, you’ll enjoy “out-of-this-world” meals like omelettes made with apple salsa, sweet corn, and chipotle black beans, among other tasty ingredients. Vegetarians will rejoice; meat-eaters won’t miss their steaks.

If you’re a committed vegetarian, if you like vegetarian cooking every now and again, or if you’re thinking of getting your toes wet in the art of not eating meat, swing by one of these restaurants and treat yourself.