Spanish, Mexican and Latin American

Cambridge is your place for Spanish, Mexican, and Latin American meals—but don’t get them confused! Among many differences between Spanish and Mexican cuisines, one of the first people are quick to identify is the heat.

Yes, Mexican cuisine has a reputation for cranking out chili sauces and salsas whose flavors depend on spicy kicks. Spanish cuisine, on the other hand, usually involves spices being evenly assigned to dishes as flavor enhancers more than anything, as components to the stars of the show: vegetables, chicken, pork, seafood, etc.

Mexican and Latin American

Photo courtesy of Anna’s Taqueria

One place to visit  for excellent chips and salsa is Mexican eatery Anna’s Taqueria. At Anna’s, you can watch your order be prepared right in front of you using fresh, flavorful ingredients. And don’t worry about tracking down the restaurant; luckily, there are three Cambridge locations to choose from.

If you’ve explored the Mexican and Spanish corners of the kitchen, try channeling your inner Latin American at Orinoco in Harvard Square. Run by native Venezuelans, this restaurant will introduce you to the finest Latin flavors arepas and empanadas.

If you’re tired of your current burger joint, don’t hesitate to venture out into Cambridge for some Spanish, Mexican and Latin American cuisine.