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East Coast Grill Cambridge, MA

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1271 Cambridge Street
Inman Square
(617) 491-6568

East Coast Grill is the food baby of chef Jason Heard, and we’re not complaining. Here you’ll find the richest BBQ and Southern-based recipes, perfect for Mardi Gras, summertime, or any time!

Chef Heard learned his cooking craft from his grandmother Clarice. He often spent his summer vacations at her kitchen in College Park, Georgia, and grew inspired from the rich flavors of the south.

Throughout his life, Heard worked at restaurants in Savannah, Atlanta, and Key West, cultivating his savory recipes and ideas.

At East Coast Grill, you’ll find the best of the East Coast, but from the beaches of Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, and South Carolina, not New England.

According to Heard, East Coast GrillĀ “combines his passion for BBQ and respect for Southern-based recipes and ingredients.” We have to agree.

(Want more Southern flavor? Check out this cookbook for the best in Southern cooking.)

East Coast Grill Cambridge

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