Southern and BBQ

About Southern and BBQ

Southern food in Cambridge? Yeah, we’re excited, too.

For years, Southern cuisine has been associated with warmth, comfort, and home, no matter where home may be. Many Southern recipes make use of eggs, sugar, flour, and milk along with a blend of African spices.

The result? Home on a plate. Though Cambridge may not be packed with too many Southern-style joints, those that are standing score pretty high on our list of favorite eateries.

southern BBQ

Doesn’t it look great? Photo courtesy of Red Bones.

Take the Coast Cafe, for instance. Nestled in Central Square, it doesn’t look like much from the sidewalk, but step inside with an empty stomach, get a bite (or a couple hundred) of their chicken box and cornbread, and let the comfort food conversion begin!

Deep pit barbecuing is also considered a tasty facet of Southern cooking. When it comes to barbecue, Red Bones doesn’t mess around.

For implanted southerners craving a taste of home, especially in terms of BBQ, Red Bones offers baby back ribs, and barbecued pulled pork, among other tasty old-time comforts like fried catfish.

Don’t let geography keep you from the joys of Southern classics. Check out what these Cambridge restaurants have to offer and let us know how they compare to home!