Hit Wicket

Hit Wicket

Inside the bar! Photo courtesy of Hit Wicket

About Hit Wicket

1172 Cambridge St
Inman Square
(617) 945-9259

It’s a bar devoted entirely to cricket. No, we’re not joking—Hit Wicket is all about cricket, and it’s awesome.

This inexpensive bar and restaurant is the only one of its kind in America: a place to eat, drink, watch, and talk cricket.

The owners’ vision is to popularize the sport of cricket through a mainstream sports bar. Don’t expect to see a Bruins or Celtics game on here (at least, not all the time).

Food to Play For

It’s not all cricket, however. Hit Wicket has an excellent selection of eats. For appetizers try the Cocktail Rice Cakes, which are steamed rice and lentil dumplings with tomato, coconut chutney, and lentil powder.

Hit Wicket

Beef hash and chutney

You can go boring (or “delicious”) with their chicken wings, crispy shrimp, or soup of the day too, which they have in vegetarian and non-vegetarian flavors.

This bar has great entrees too, including burgers, salads, and more exotic meals like the South African Bunny Chow. Don’t worry, bunny lovers; the Bunny Chow has no bunny, but it is a bread bowl with your choice of chickpea or chicken masala and homemade cucumber yogurt.

Drinks, Drinks, Drinks

Of course, a bar can’t be a bar without a wide selection of lovely drinks, and Hit Wicket doesn’t disappoint. Order a bottled beer like Fosters, Coopers, or Dogfish, or delight in a draft beer.

Favor cocktails to beer? Try the Sticky Wicket with salted caramel vodka, butter liquor, and glenfiddich in a salted rim. We also love the Dark and Stormy complete with Goslings, rum, and ginger beer.

Hit Wicket has food styles from all over, just like the players of cricket. Why don’t you play for their team and book a reservation tonight?

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