Garden at The Cellar

Garden at the Cellar

One of many seafood specials. Photo courtesy of Garden at the Cellar

991 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 475-0045

About Garden at The Cellar

Garden at The Cellar has proven to be an excellent Cambridge dining option for those in search of a relaxed atmosphere that still cranks out delicious and creative entrées.

Tucked comfortably between Harvard and Central Squares, Garden at The Cellar is a proud gastropub that boasts inexpensive menu items whose ingredients have been borrowed from all over the world.

Delicious Dishes

This restaurant provides the taste of adventure you may be looking for. Have you ever tasted a goat cheese-filled doughnut paired with orange slices and almonds? How about spicy tomato jam on a rectangular plate of crispy octopus tentacles?

And Garden at the Cellar’s tater tots are a real hit—they were described by one pleased customer as “perfectly fried pillows of love.” “Pillows” because of their uniquely balled appearance and lightly fried exteriors.

Meals are beautifully presented, often paired with vibrant garnishes and arranged on the plate so as to practically resemble an edible painting.

Inexpensive Dining

You’ll eat for a good price as well, since the food ranges from $11 to $30. And whether you have a hankering for octopus or pasta or clams or cheeseburgers, you’ll be reassured to know the beef is grass-fed, the pastas handmade.

Garden at the Cellar

Manager Carrie serving a bacon bun. Photo courtesy of Garden at the Cellar.

Garden at The Cellar Map & Directions

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