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About Pubs and Bars

It doesn’t take long to recognize Cambridge as a weekend hotspot due to its vast array of bars, museums, bars, malls, bars, theatres, bars, restaurants…and definitely bars.

Yes, Cambridge bars are a big deal. Some of the finest beer enthusiasts reside here to sculpt restaurants in their unique images.

History lies behind the walls of many joints. For example, a number of drinks at John Harvard’s Brewery are borrowed recipes from John Harvard himself—the man whose legacy inspired the restaurant’s creation—that weren’t discovered until after his passing.


Pop your collar for the Naked and Famous Cocktail! Photo courtesy of Firebrand Saints.

Harvard Square is home to Charlie’s Kitchen, a 40-year-old fifties-style bar that offers locally brewed beer and, for customers eager to put a few of those drinks to good use, karaoke. For the less outgoing, Charlie’s has music nights for up-and-coming bands!

Cambridge Common Restaurant serves 31 delicious beers on tap and offers pub favorites like buffalo wings and off-the-map deliciousness like deviled eggs. There’s even a selection of Middle Eastern eats to pair with your brew.

Unlike pubs in other areas, whose bartenders hand you a bland glass of beer you could have sworn you tasted at the place down the street, those of Cambridge are striking and diverse from the flavors of their drinks to the atmosphere of their interiors. We’d have a hard time categorizing them; you’d best try them all for yourself!