Photo by Mike Diskin

About Giulia

1682 Massachusetts Ave
Porter Square
(617) 441-2800

Giulia is an Italian restaurant with a classic touch.

The restaurant’s focus is to provide “wonderful food and great service with true Italian vigor and charm.” And true charm it has—every dish at Giulia is prepared from scratch and crafted to perfection.

The restaurant is open for dinner and it’s a little pricey, but if you are looking to spend $30-$60 a meal, this is where to go.

The menu boasts authentic Italian labels, such as “sfizzi,” “antipasti,” and “contorni.”

An Italian Menu to Die For

Appetizers – The appetizers here are exquisite. Choose from crostini—a kind of decadent flatbread—to marinated olives and almonds to duck heart spiedeni. Each appetizer is flavored with rich, house-made sauce and seasoning.

Entrees – The menu looks Italian but it’s all delicious. Order the chitarra with spinach mackeral for a pasta dish with a bit of a tomato punch.

We recommend opting for any of the pasta dishes, actually, as the pastas are hand-crafted by Giulia’s own Chef Michael Pagliarini.

The restaurant’s pasta is a little Cambridge-famous, as is its pasta table. Available for reservations for 8-12 people, the pasta table is where each noodle and pasta piece is hand-crafted during the evening.

It is made from reclaimed white oak. Guests who eat at the pasta table have the luxury of seeing the pasta equipment nearby. Delicioso!

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