The Elephant Walk

The Elephant Walk

About the Elephant Walk

2067 Massachusetts Avenue
Porter Square
(617) 492-6900

Cambridge is known for having a medley of restaurants representing different cultures and ethnicities. The Elephant Walk is at the top of that list, combining authentic Cambodian and French cuisine.

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Located in Porter Square, The Elephant Walk is perfect for those adventurous eaters looking to expand their taste palette.

Thankfully, they cater to everyone’s needs with many of their dishes having vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options.

At this restaurant, diners can start with some traditional Cambodian appetizers like Rouleaux—Cambodian spring rolls filled with pork, peanut, noodles, carrot and onion—then move along to the entrees—filled with both French and Cambodian options. The Elephant Walk does regular lunch and dinner menus as well as prix-fixe menus.

Don’t forget their cocktails! The Dirty Farmer—a combination of Farmer’s organic botanical gin, Cambodian pickle brine and Dolin Blanc vermouth with vegetable pickle—is the perfect drink to top off an amazing meal.

It gets even better! The restaurant offers cooking classes so diners can take these great meals and prepare them at home. So if you’re looking for a complete dining experience, The Elephant Walk in Porter Square is your spot.

The Elephant Walk

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