Sandrine’s Bistro

Sandrine's Bistro

Photo courtesy of Sandrine’s Bistro

Sandrine's Bistro

Photo courtesy of Sandrine’s Bistro

8 Holyoke Street
Harvard Square

Sandrine’s Bistro combines contemporary and classic French cuisine in Harvard Square. Chef and owner Raymond Ost proudly serves up his Alsatian flair with modern wine lists and elegant food.

A Luxurious Dinner Menu

For dinner, delight in a variety of tarte flambée, or crispy flat bread. It comes specially prepared with nutmeg-scented fromage blanc.

The traditional tarte is adorned with hickory-smoked bacon and caramelized onions, but you can also opt for sautéed mushrooms and Swiss cheese or marinated artichoke hearts and white balsamic basil vinaigrette.

Entrées are just as decadent. Order the Wild Maryland Striped Bass that comes with green du puys lentil salad, brunoise, and black truffle vinaigrette; or try the Onglet Grillé Frites, a perfectly grilled 8 oz steak with basil vinaigrette.

Lunch meals offer similar dishes, but here you will find burgers with melted brie, baby kale & faro salad, and other small plates.

Sandrine's Bistro

Créme Brulee

Desserts to Die For

Indulge in a dessert after the meal, such as the vanilla crème brulee, daily sorbet, ginger pumpkin cake, or trio of daily cheeses.

Delight in a dessert drink as well. Might we recommend the Godiva Platinum Martini? This decadent drink comes packed with Godiva white chocolate liqueur and vodka.

Wines at Your Service

The wine list at Sandrine’s Bistro is extensive, but don’t be intimated: the staff here is willing to assist and answer any questions.

Choose between champagnes and sparking glasses to red and white wine or aperitifs. Wines are served both by the glass and by the bottle, from France (Loire, Burgundy, and, of course, Alsace) and the United States.

More About Sandrine’s Bistro

We love the authenticity at Sandrine’s Bistro and its moderately priced menu. Go ahead. Indulge. Make a reservation today.

Sandrine's Bistro

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