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Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge

About Cuchi Cuchi

795 Main Street
Central Square
(617) 864-2929

You can always find a little Old World glamour at Cambridge’s Cuchi Cuchi.

Offering smaller-portioned meals designed to be sampled and shared, the items on their menu come from around the globe and include the restaurant’s own personal touch.

Don’t call them tapas, though! Tapas come from Spain and these dishes are “straight up,” meaning that they can stand alone, even if they are small, or pair nicely with other small plates.

Their bar offers a wide variety of cocktails and sangria and their menu boasts dishes inspired by Italy like Fried Artichoke Hearts, courses from France like the Gratin Dauphinois, and selections from Russia like the Chicken Kiev.

The restaurant offers soft lighting and a variety of music including recorded jazz, latin, and European music.

[Looking to make your own cocktails? Click here. We can offer a recipe book to make your own old world favorites.]

Tarot Card Readings

This restaurant isn’t short of entertainment, either! They offer tarot card readings and other forms of psychic service like tea leaves or palm readings while you enjoy your delicious meal. Check the schedule on their website to see when each service is offered.

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Cuchi Cuchi in Cambridge

Some of the many dishes at Cuchi Cuchi

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