Bondir in Cambridge

Photo by Andy Ryan

279A Broadway
Inman Square
(617) 661-0009

Bondir is the place where fresh ingredients reside.

Bondir Menu

The restaurant’s menu features vegetables picked the same day and fish fresh from the ocean. As such, its menu often changes.

The restaurant strives to present its patrons with a meal that is both crisp and delicious.

In addition to fresh meals, you’ll also be presented with a long list of delectable and fruity cocktails and drinks.

The Chef

Chef Jason Bond chooses to rely on environmentally-conscious vendors who share his passion for fresh, first-rate ingredients, and his efforts pay off.

Bondir is one of our go-to Cambridge eateries, and we know it will be yours, too.


Drambuie soaked buttermilk cake, bergamot marmalade, spiced quince and poppy seed meringue. Photo by Jade Elan Taylor

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