French Cuisine

French cuisine is often known as the gold star of fine cooking. French regional cuisine includes a variety of locally grown vegetables, fungi, fruits, meats, eggs, herbs, and seasonings.

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Although the herbs and seasonings vary by region, expect to taste the authentic seasonings of truffle, fleur de sel, tarragon, rosemary, and lavender in this Cambridge french cuisine.

French Cuisine in Cambridge, MA

Sandrine's Bistro french cuisine

Photo courtesy of Sandrine’s Bistro

Cambridge is home to many fantastic French restaurants. Check out Bondir for a dinner that is so fresh—so fresh, in fact, that it was plucked from the garden that day. You can also delight in their many wines and cocktails, another French staple.

In the Middle Ages, French royalty and the wealthy often celebrated with banquets. These banquets had many dishes, but they were served to the aristocracy all at once. Sauces were hearty and thick; crusts were used as containers. And of course, there was fine, fine wine.

Wine has carried over to French food today in Cambridge. In addition to Bondir, check out Cuchi Cuchi. Although not technically a “French restaurant,” Cuchi Cuchi serves up old world glamor that other restaurants just don’t have. And yup, you can expect the best cocktails of your life.

Hop on over to Sandrine’s Bistro for food that’s out of this world (or should we say, continent). Delight in the flavors of hickory-smoked bacon, sautéed mushrooms, and white balsamic basil vinaigrette. Sandrine’s often hosts elegant tastings, such as the one with Maille mustard

We love T. W. Food, where locally-grown ingredients could fool you for French ones. T. W. Food is at the top of our list for perfect dishes, with a rotating menu and frequently updated wine list. It’s perfect for any banquet!

The Elephant Walk takes a unique take on Cambridge French cuisine. It’s one of the best French restaurants in Cambridge, and it has a Cambodian twist on the menu, too. This is a great restaurant to take everyone to because of its unique gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options.

If you are in Kendall Square, no need to cross the bridge to get to West Bridge. This French restaurant in Cambridge, MA is brought to you by Frenchman Chef Matthew Gaudet, so you can expect all the wonderful tastes and flavors of French cuisine in this fantastic restaurant. Order the Crispy Pigs Head or the Black Tuscan Kale.

There’s something for everyone when dining with French food in Cambridge. So go ahead, click the links above and to the left, and say Bonjour to your new favorite restaurants.