Lyndell’s Bakery

lyndell's bakery

Photo courtesy of Lyndell’s

About Lyndell’s Bakery

720 Broadway
Somerville, MA

(617) 625-1793

Lyndell’s Bakery is the oldest “scratch” bakery in the country—opened in 1887, this fantastic bakery takes the cake and makes it, too.

Here, you will find an assortment of pies, breads, specialty cookies, cupcakes, Italian pastries, bismarks, eclairs, donuts, and half moons, made straight from tradition that Lyndell’s helped found. They also make wedding cakes.

Lyndell’s is a part of Cambridge and Somerville history. It was founded by a Swedish immigrant named Birger C. Lindahl who converted his fresh bread home delivery route (yup, that was a thing) into a full-scale bakery shop. The shop was open before the invention of the automobile.

lyndell's bakery

Lydell’s uses only local ingredients, just like they did in 1887 when shipping food was not readily available. Their recipes have been loved by more than 100 years, and you’ll love them as they pop in your mouth and sing sugary praises.

The bakery prides itself on getting to know their customers. Their website proudly states, “Our customers come back…always.”

No matter if you are stopping through on a business vacation, touring colleges, or looking for a place to get sweets with friends, this is the bakery for it all.

lyndell's bakery

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