FoMu Alternative Ice Cream

About FoMu Alternative Ice Cream


Photo courtesy of FoMu

481 Cambridge Street
Allston, MA

617 Centre St
Jamaica Plain, MA

It’s hot. You want ice cream. You run down the block excited, money in hand, ready to get that vanilla cone with chocolate jimmies. And it’s three licks in to the ice cream when you realize: you have brain freeze.

Brain freeze. It’s also known as the “ice cream headache,” which is a fancy term (OK, it’s fancier to say “sphenopalatine ganglioneuralgia”) for that cold feeling your brain gets eating ice cream.

And really, aside from calories, it’s the only downside to eating ice cream. But what if you could avoid it all together?

(Make your own vegan ice cream! Click here to find out how.)

Vegan Ice Cream Wonderland

Enter FoMu. Although it’s billed as “Alternative Ice Cream,” you won’t notice it. This ice cream shop uses coconut, not dairy, for their products, and because of it, say sayonara to your buddy brain freeze.

FoMu is every vegan’s dream come true, but it’s also every person’s dream come true. You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy, and chances are, you won’t even notice that coconut has been substituted in the ingredients.

Fomu’s flavors vary daily, but you can always expect to get the classics topped with chocolate or rainbow jimmies and a gooey chocolate syrup. What we love most about this shop is that they also have a vegan bakery.


Photo courtesy of the shop