Squeaky Beaker Café

Squeaky Beaker Café

Photo courtesy of Squeaky Beaker Café.

675 W Kendall Street
Cambridge, MA 02142

About Squeaky Beaker Café

The founder of Squeaky Beaker Café, Anthony Miller, is also the proud owner of the 2nd St Café, which has satisfied East Cambridge visitors and residents alike for the past five years with its healthy food and friendly staff.

When Miller was granted the opportunity to open a second establishment, he vowed that this new eatery would produce lots of “sane” food. Why sane? Because insanity, to Miller, is when a restaurant depends on gimmicks, sort-of-fresh ingredients, and unreasonably high price tags.

 “Sane” Food That’s Crazy-Good

At Squeaky Beaker Café, Miller wants to convert you to the beauty of simple and tasty meals that’ll still leave some leftover cash in your wallet. The café provides breakfast, lunch, dinner-to-go, and, coming soon, a special treat called Christina’s ice cream.

Breakfast includes items like bagels, cheese on a choice of bread, scones, and omelets. Lunch invites you to build your own sandwiches (and, yes, you’re more than welcome to have half-sandwiches) or help yourself to a variety of salads.

Dinner is always a surprise—the chefs decide which soups and specials will be on the menu, so check the website homepage of Squeaky Beaker Café to find out what’s cooking. We like the idea of “sane” food, Anthony.

Squeaky Beaker Café

Nicely sized portions! Photo courtesy of Squeaky Beaker Café.

Squeaky Beaker Café Map & Directions

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