Bourbon Coffee

Bourbon CoffeeAbout Bourbon Coffee

1815 Massachusetts Ave
Porter Square
(617) 868-6500

Feel good in more ways than one at Bourbon Coffee, where you’ll get a great cup o’ joe and feel good about helping those in need. Bourbon Coffee was founded as a way to get beans from “crop to cup.”

When you buy coffee, you know you are supporting sustainable practices, economic development, and cultural unity.

Bourbon Coffee was started in 2007 in Rwanda. Rwanada is the most densely populated African state. It has about 10.1 million people in an area the size of Massachusetts.

Ninety percent of Rwandan people work on farms and 75 percent of their crop is coffee. However, despite that statistic, many people in Rwanda live in poverty.

Bourbon Coffee helps those farmers make more than a measly $1.25 a day. With direct crop to cup practices, this Cambridge coffee shop helps families improve their lives.

A Menu to Remember at Bourbon Coffee

Bourbon CoffeeOrder drip coffee, cafe au lait, or tea at this fantastic location. The coffee is cheap—$1.65 for a small cup. You can also order an espresso, cubano, macchiato, cappuccino, latte—the list goes on and on.

In those warm summer months, stop by for an iced drink. Bourbon has an Iced Coffee Sangria that is particularly wonderful and flavorful lemonades and smoothies.

It’ll make you feel good knowing you’re helping families and getting a great cup to go. Why not make Bourbon a stop on your commute or trip?

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