Beantowne Coffee House

Beantowne Coffee House

The Cubano sandwich. Photo by Beantowne Coffee House

About Beantowne Coffee House

Beantowne Coffee house1 Kendall Square
Kendall Square/MIT
(617) 621-7900

If you walked by it, you might miss it, so I suggest you write down the address now. Beantowne Coffee House is the best coffee spot in Cambridge.

No, we’re not just saying that. This one is it. Really. The big kahuna, the macho man, the conquistador, the ultimate. If we could only get coffee and sandwiches one place for the rest of our lives, it would be Beantowne.

Beantowne Coffee House has two locations—one in New Hampshire, one in Cambridge. For the most part, it’s a small, hole-in-the-wall kind of place. It’s near local favorites like Flat Top Johnny’s that easily outshine it in flashiness, but this unflappable coffee shop still reigns supreme.

Beantowne Coffee houseWhen you enter, the shop is like any other coffee shop: limited seating, people in line, and a bakery wall with the world’s tastiest muffins, cookies, and pastries. The dough comes fresh from a local bakery every morning and is then made to perfection.

It’s cheap and local, which means Beantowne Coffee House is a great place to bring friends, family, or even coworkers for lunch.

Our former Editor Erinn dreamed of the Beantowne salad for weeks after she tried it. “Those croutons! Those are the best croutons in the world,” she says.

Looking for something flavorful, fresh, and fast? Beantowne Coffee House is your one-stop shop.

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