1369 Coffee House

1369 Coffee House

Outside 1369 Coffee House

About 1369 Coffee House

757 Massachusetts Avenue                                       1369 Massachusetts Avenue
Central Square                                                              Inman Square
(617) 576-1369                                                             (617) 576-4600

1369 Coffee House1369 Coffee House was named after its first location at 1369 Massachusetts Ave. The coffee house prides itself on being part of the community.

It’s more than a just a coffee shop—1369 is a place for the community to get together over some good beverages.

Delicious Drinks

Here, you can order exclusive Colombian and French Roast coffees on a rotating basis. They’re brewed whole-bean which makes the coffee rich, flavorful, and iconic.

Coffee beans are imported to 1369 from Guatemala, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, and Indonesia. They are then brewed locally.

In addition to a variety of espresso drinks, this coffee spot also has Homemade Chai, Hot Cider, Spiced Americano, Hot Chocolate, Mexican Hot Chocolate, and more.

For those warmer months, treat yourself to an iced drink or frozen drink. Might we suggest the Cranberry Cooler? It’s a refreshing blend of 7-herb hibiscus tea and cranberry juice.

Food and Other Yummy Treats

In addition to drinks, you can order fresh and wholesome breakfast foods such as bagels, muffins, croissants, scones, and egg sandwiches.

During lunchtime treat yourself to a signature cafe sandwich or salad, or be adventurous and order the quiche.

There’s something for everyone here at 1369 Coffee House. Head on over today!

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