Cafés & Cambridge Coffee Houses

Cafés are short for coffeehouses. They are environments in which people gather for small meals, drinks (especially coffee and tea), and conversation.

In modern-day, cafés notoriously offer free WiFi and are a hotspot for studying, reading, writing, or conversing. J.K. Rowling notoriously wrote her Harry Potter series in an English café.

(Do you love coffee? Show just how much you love it by reading these easy coffee recipes.)

Cambridge is home to many fantastic cafés. Delight in traditional coffeehouses such as 1369, Cafe Luna, and Voltage Coffee.You’ll love how Cambridge keeps a focus on locally-sourced products, as well as products that do good for the community, like at Porter Square’s Bourbon Coffee.

Come for the coffee, stay for the food. We love Beantowne Coffee House‘s salads and Cuban sandwiches. Each dish is prepared with love and care, and we don’t even mind that it can be hard to come across a table.

Beantowne Coffee Shop Cafés

Beantowne Coffee Shop

More about Cambridge cafés

Bring your study group, no matter if you are a Harvard, MIT, or Boston student. Cambridge coffee houses and cafés welcome all kinds of patrons. Are you a tourist looking for some free WiFi? Come get it here.

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