It’s actually unknown where burgers came from. “Hamburger,” speaking of etymology, comes from Hamburg, Germany. It’s not because the burger is wedged with ham.

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However, the Library of Congress reports that the hamburger wasn’t invented until 1900 in America. The hamburger was born a mere 135 miles from Cambridge, Massachusetts in New Haven, Connecticut.

This legend says that Louis Lassen, the chef at Louis’ Lunch, didn’t have enough steak to satisfy a customer for a quick, hot meal. So instead of steak, Louis put together ground beef trimmings between two pieces of toast, and the rest is, well, history.

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There are other legends, though, such as:

  • Charlie Nagreen, who sold a meatball sandwich in 1855 in Seymour, Wisconsin. The meatballs resembled patties, and Nagreen reportedly called the meat a “Hamburg steak.” This made German immigrants comfortable.
  • Otto Kuase, who invented the hamburger, according to popular fast food restaurant White Castle. According to their story, Kuase cooked the patty with butter and an egg.
  • Oscar Weber Bilby, who allegedly founded the classic sandwich in 1891 on the 4th of July. This took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, which is why Tulsa is sometimes called “the birthplace of the hamburger.”
  • Frank and Charles Menches, brothers who reportedly sold the sandwich at a fair after their sausage supply went out. Legend says the name came from Hamburg, New York and not Germany.
  • Fletcher Davis, who says he invented the hamburger in the 1880s in Athens. Davis’s ground beef patty had mustard, bread, and a pickle on the side.

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