suvai restaurant

One restaurant closes, Suvai opens

Suvai Restaurant in Cambridge

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Take a trip to Sri Lanka sans passport by dining in at Suvai in North Cambridge.

Premila, the restaurant’s owner, previously opened Biryani Park in Malden, and after its closure in late fall, has finally reopened in the Cambridge spot.

The re-opening has met tons of applause in the Greater Boston area. On Facebook, Sivashankar Pattamadai wrote, “This is fantastic! Good luck and glad to have your place to eat at again!”

Her sentiment was echoed by many others, including diner Craig Molway who wrote, “Very excited to hear you are reopening though we are a bit sad that you are now too far away for takeout.”

suvai restaurant

Authentic Sri Lankan Food in Massachusetts

Suvai offers authentic Sri Lankan and South Indian cuisine to the bay state, and we are happy to welcome it into our Cambridge family. The venue has taken the space of the former (and short-lived) restaurant Curry ‘N Wok, located at 2378 Massachusetts Avenue.

Suvai is the only Sri Lankan restaurant in all of Massachusetts. If you’re from the area, owner Premila proudly writes, “you are going to be reminded of your mom’s cooking.”

suvai restaurant

On the Menu at Suvai Restaurant

All of your favorites at Biryani Park are back, and if you never went, your new favorite food is waiting. Delight in Sri Lankan delicacies like their signature sweet and sour eggplant salad or okra salad.

Love South Indian food? This restaurant offers uthpam, pongal, idly, lemon rice, tamraind rice, curd rice, and coconut rice as well.

Feed your Indo-Chinese cravings with rice (vegetarian, egg, chicken) or noodles (vegetarian, egg, chicken). It’s so good, you’ll come back the next day¬†for more.

Biryani Park, we welcome your name change and wish you the best in Cambridge.