Lunch is served! Photo courtesy of Momogoose.

70 Carleton Street
Cambridge, MA 02142

Long lines at lunchtime

Have you ever sampled cuisine from a food truck with a thirty-foot line? The customer’s always right, as the saying goes, so when tons of people line up for lunch at the Momogoose food truck in the Kendall/MIT area, it’s safe to assume they’re right to do so.

Momogoose is one of the very first food trucks to make its rounds in the Boston/Cambridge area. One would think its twenty-some years of food service would cause the public to grow bored with its offerings, but this is far from the case.

(Just ask the customers that line up everyday around lunchtime!)

Something for everyone

This widespread public approval is in part due to Momogoose’s extensive menu. We’re not just talking about the number of options available, but the kind of options as well.

Momogoose is best known to cook up Vietnamese, Indian, Thai, and Chinese cuisine, thus increasing the chances of a customer walking away satisfied and willing to come back next time.

There’s also a small notice at the truck’s front counter, a pledge, some might call it, to serve good meals and, should the customer not be satisfied, remake them or exchange them for something better.

This means if you aren’t into your marinated beef baguette, Momogoose is more than willing to give you a cup-o-soup or some crispy rolls instead. That’s customer service done right!

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Just another long lunch line. Photo courtesy of Momogoose.

Momogoose Map & Directions

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