Asian & Sushi Bars

Asian food and sushi bars are plentiful and delicious in Cambridge, MA. No matter if you are looking to treat your friends at to a fine meal at Moksa or are just heading out for some rice at Momogoose, Cambridge has the cuisine for you.

Delight in cuisine from all over Asia. You’ll find Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Thai, and Vietnamese food. You’ll find meats, vegetables, rice bowls, and udon.

Want to make your own delicious Chinese dishes at home? Check out these simple, easy recipes.

Wagamama asian food

Eating a meal at Wagamama

Asian food typically makes use of a variety of staples. These staples include rice, noodles, soybeans, wheat, vegetables, and herbs. This is because these foods grow best in the humid, temperate climate.

Most often, you will find steamed rice and its variants at Asian cuisine restaurants. Rice is used not only as a side dish or entrée, but also as an ingredient for beer, wine, and vinegar.

Noodles vary in pan-Asian culture. They are served both hot and cold in form of udon or ramen. Noodles are often rice-based but can also have wheat or soybean. According to an ancient Chinese saying, noodles were symbolic of a long life and good health.

Soybeans account for much of the staple diet too, particularly for vegetarians. Tofu is made of soybeans and it accounts for a lot of protein in the culture. Soy milk, soy paste, soy oil, and soy sauce are also staples of Chinese and pan-Asian cooking, as they are used to season, spice, and marinate.

Common pan-Asian vegetables and herbs include ginger root, garlic, scallions, bok choy, bitter melon, bean sprouts, watercress, celery, carrots, fresh mustard seeds, and broccoli.

More Asian Food

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