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The Friendly Toast, located in Kendall Square, is one of the most popular brunch stops in Cambridge.

Brunch-goers will wake up at the crack of dawn on Saturdays  to be first in line at this popular and colorful restaurant. Once you’ve stopped by the Friendly Toast, you’ll understand what all the raucous is about.

The overall atmosphere of The Friendly Toast is completely reflective of Cambridge – it’s artful, innovative, and rambunctious.

The décor alone  will make you feel as if you’re eating inside of an art installation. The lime-green walls are adorned with retro signs and zany objects such as giant hamburgers or plush helicopters. Vintage stickers adorn the bar and large mannequin heads peak out  at you in between the liquor. It’s wild and hip atmosphere makes for an inspiring eating experience.

The brunch and dinner options are eclectic and creative as the restaurant.

the friendly toast cambridge

I’ll have the Hamburger-on-the-wall, please. Photo by Ted Eytan

The Vegan Vallaha, a tortilla stuffed with tofu and scallions, and the Vegetarian burger, a spicy black-bean delight, will make vegetarians go wild. While the Friendly Toast is a haven for vegetarians, meat-lovers will be more than satisfied with the restaurant’s delectable menu items.

Make sure to try the Aldenator, a kaiser roll with smoked turkey, mayonnaise, chambard-baked red onions; or the Gooey, a pressed tortilla sandwich, with smoked turkey or roast beef, Jack Daniels barbecue sauce, American cheese & marinated red onions.

With its savory food options and charming, kitschy atmosphere, The Friendly Toast is a must for your brunch or dinner adventure.

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