S and S Restaurant

S and S Restaurant

S&S Restaurant. Photo by James

S and S Restaurant

“Es and Es!” Photo by Cherry Let

1334 Cambridge Street
Inman Square
(617) 354-0777

About S and S Restaurant

S&S Restaurant has been serving Cambridge in historic Inman Square since 1919.

The founder of the restaurant, Ma Edelstein, would greet each customer by saying, “Es and es!” This is a Yiddish phrase meaning, “Eat and eat!”

Since the restaurant’s opening, customers have been flocking to this family-style restaurant to eat to their heart’s desire.

S&S Restaurant’s homey, family-style feel has made some customers consider it a “neighborhood refuge.” It is a family-style restaurant dedicated to serving affordable comfort food in a casual environment.

The back of their menu reads:

Since 1919 We’ve Served:

64 million cups of coffee
36 million fresh eggs
10 million turkey sandwiches
18 million half sour pickles

S&S has even more to offer your inner brunch aficionado. Make sure to try their bacon and cheese breakfast muffin, or the Parisian French toast, both customer favorites. a

After eating delicious (not to mention, affordable) food at this cozy, iconic restaurant, you’ll definitely want to come back for more.

S and S Restaurant

S&S Restaurant Menu. Photo by Matt Griffin

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