Highland Kitchen

Highland Kitchen Somerville 150 Highland Avenue 
(617) 625-1131 

Highland Kitchen is located near Davis Square in the heart of Somerville.

The restaurant and bar is family owned and neighborhood friendly, open for dinner daily in addition to brunch on Sundays.

It specializes in American comfort food, and their menu definitely reflects this style of cuisine.

Highland Kitchen Menu

The menu includes items such as buffalo fried brussels sprouts, smoked bluefish cakes, a pulled pork sandwich, and spicy jambalaya.

The brunch menu includes more than just omelets and pancakes, such as beignets, hushpuppies, fried green tomatoes, and shrimp and grits.

A unique aspect of the restaurant is that it includes an award winning jukebox, rated one of the top five in the Boston area, with different tunes for diners to select from, making the whole dining experience a little more fun.

Highland Kitchen Somerville

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