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About American Food

American food is at its finest in Cambridge, MA. Whether you are looking for fine dining or to grab a burger and go, you can experience the best of American food in the USA’s first college town.

(Make your own American food with the help of Martha Stewart! Click here to learn how.)

The first official “American” food was seafood in Massachusetts. On the East Coast, the Native Americans ate cod, lemon sole, flounder, herring, halibut, salmon, lobster, and more. Seafood and this kind of cuisine is available in Cambridge at Summer Shack and Alive & Kicking Lobsters.

When the colonists came over to Plymouth, Cambridge, Boston, and the Massachusetts Bay Colony, they brought over many ways to prepare European dishes. Therefore, many sauces were inspired by French cuisine, with many preparations (such as grilling and frying) brought from Britain.

Shake Shack Burgers Cambridge Boston american food

Shake Shack’s tasty burgers, located in Harvard Square. Photo by Shinya Suzuki

Livestock and meat are common in American cuisine, as the original colonial settlers had to hunt for food. You’ll find a delicious meat selection at Craigie on Maine, Frank’s Steak House, and The Abbey.

America loves it craft beers and ales, so hop on over to John Harvard’s for the best American brewery there is. Although John Harvard may not have founded the prestigious Harvard University, he is the namesake for a delicious, buttery American restaurant, and we gotta love him for it.

Today, “American” food blends the best of colonial meats and seafood with other dishes, like hamburgers (originally from Germany—who knew?) and pizza (Italian, of course). Our country is also known for our celebrity chefs, such as Cambridge native Julia Child.

Browse the links above and to your left to find the best American food that Massachusetts has to offer, located right here in iconic Cambridge. Happy eating!