Veggie Galaxy

veggie galaxy cambridge450 Massachusetts Ave.
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 497-1513

Veggies? For dinner? No, thanks. At least, that’s what I thought before dining at Veggie Galaxy.

Veggie Galaxy is a vegetarian and vegan diner located in Central Square. As a meat-eater, I was a little wary before coming in. Would they have food I like? Would I recognize the dishes on the menu? Would the food taste “too healthy” or would the staff be “too preachy”? End verdict: Everything was delicious!

Upon entering the diner we were given the option to sit inside the restaurant or outside of it. Inside boasts shiny red bar stools, feisty baristas, and some great music, while outside features great views of Cambridge’s Central Square neighborhood. Both have their positives and their negatives, but because it was a nice day out my friends and I selected the outside option.

Veggie Galaxy’s menu is not too unfamiliar – here you can order all your favorite food, such as fresh fries, mac and cheese, and even a BLT (made with tempeh, a traditionally Indonesian soy product, instead of bacon). All of the food is made on premises and to-order, so you can expect fresh, delicious food when dining.

And fresh and delicious food it was! The food came out piping hot. French fries were exceptional with a hint of rosemary to make the flavor pop. I sampled Veggie Galaxy’s baked mac and cheese – amazing – and tested my luck on the BLT with tempeh. This dish was also a hit!

veggie galaxy cambridgeAs for my own dish, I ordered the seitan special, which changes daily. Seitan is a special protein that can be prepared in just about everyway – today’s special came breaded, akin to chicken parmesan, with garlic mashed potatoes and spinach. Delicious! The garlic mashed potatoes were fluffy, spiced, and delectable; the seitan, which I expected to be some form of mysterious substance, didn’t taste too different from chicken – and it’s all healthy, with no artificial flavors or hormones.

As we filled our bellies and gazed at the Cambridge sky, we noticed the restaurant began to fill up. If you are heading out for dinner, I recommend going around 5:15 or 5:30 pm for the best seating. Our waitress, Rachel, informed us that lines accumulate quickly at Veggie Galaxy, but the expert staff ensures no one waits too long.

After a delicious meal, we just had to have dessert, and this was perhaps my favorite part of the meal. I ordered the Oreo Cheesecake, which came artfully arranged on a plate and ready to be devoured.

It tasted exactly how cheesecake should taste: sugary with a bit of cookie pieces in it, and its texture was soft and creamy. Melanie (our Wedding Editor!), dug into a Taza chocolate cake, and not too long after, we were both sharing each other’s dishes, commenting on how delicious it all was.

veggie galaxy cambridgeBut what takes the cake on the dessert (I just had to throw a pun in here): all of Veggie Galaxy’s after-dinner delights are vegan. Yup, that means the Oreo Cheesecake had no cheese, and no milk too! I was shocked. How can something so creamy and rich be good for you?

Bottom line: Veggie Galaxy is the best place to get vegetarian and vegan food in Cambridge, hands down. No matter if you are already a vegetarian, a meat-eater like me, or a vegan, Veggie Galaxy offers to you a healthy, fun meal in a great ‘50s-inspired environment. And in case you’re in the Harvard Square area, check out Veggie Planet.

-Erinn Pascal

Veggie Galaxy Map & Directions

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