1432 Mass Ave,
Cambridge, MA 02138
(617) 499-3352

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Otto Pizza

A tiny closet of a pizza place directly across the street from Harvard Yard, Otto pizza is your best option if you are looking for pizza to go. Located in Harvard Square – an area so heavily studded with pizza places that figuring out where to go to grab a slice can turn into a philosophical inquiry – Otto offers hands-down the best take-out pizza.

Crazy Dough, Upper Crust and Pinocchio’s are all acceptable pizza places (especially if you are looking for something classic like cheese or pepperoni) and will do if you need seating. But, if all you need is crazy good pizza without a seat to eat it in….Otto Otto Otto.

The place is inventive. And seriously good, starting with the fundamentals. The crust is substantial (personally, I’m not a fan of super thin, flat pizzas – I prefer more dough and a more generous portion of cheese with every bite).Otto understands that you need a solid base in order to build a masterpiece. Which is to say at Otto, your generous slice will have a generous crust enabling the ideal crust: cheese: toppings ratio.

So, the foundations are delicious. But it is the toppings that make this place unique. If you want a slice of cheese or pepperoni, Otto does them as well as anybody else in the square. If you are feeling the least bit adventurous, however, get a slice with toppings.

All slices are $3.50 (except cheese, which is $3.00) which is a good excuse to try everything. If you are a pizza traditionalist, Otto offers options like Margherita, Spinach and Chicken or Four Cheeses and Sausage and Onion.

I, however, am drawn to their more exotic creations, slices loaded with Three Cheeses Tortellini for example, or Mashed Potato, Bacon and Scallion or Butternut Squash, Ricotta and Cranberry, and finally…Pulled Pork and Mango.

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Otto Pizza Map & Directions

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