Miracle of Science Bar and Grill

321 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139
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Miracle of Science Bar and Grill

About Miracle of Science Bar and Grill

A small corner of a bar located a few blocks away from the Central Square T stop on the red line, Miracle of Science Bar and Grill is an alternative to the typical after work local joint to grab evening drinks.

Eschewing the conventional approach of having guests order off of menus, Miracle of Science instead lists all food items on a chalkboard at the back of the restaurant. This is a cool idea because the board looks like something out of chemistry class.

And, after all, Miracle of Science is within a stone’s throw of MIT. Foods are listed under signs that resemble element symbols; a small mesclun salad, for instance, is listed under “Sm.” If you stand up to get a better view of the chalkboard, it may take you back to your college days.The difference here is that you can order a beer from the professor!

And if you do stand up to get a closer look, don’t be surprised if other diners suggest their favorites to you. Consider it a final exam where everyone is sharing answers – the best answers!

The menu consists of basic bar food (burger, cheeseburger, and quesadillas) with a few notable exceptions, like skewers (beef, shrimp or vegetable) and as a sometimes-vegetarian, I was pleased to see both a veggie burger and a hummus plate on the menu.

My Meal at Miracle of Science

We opted for the cheese quesadilla, complementing our choice with chips and guacamole. The quesadilla was good (cheesy gooeyness offset by a crisp tortilla) but I was more impressed by the guacamole: it was made from real avocados, which happens less than you’d think. A cheeseburger is $11, the chicken sandwich will set you back $10.00 and a modest chips and salsa rings in at $4.

The food is good, but go to Miracle of Science for the atmosphere and the beer. On tap, they offer Lefthand Milk Stout, Allagash White, Longtrail Ale, Ipswich Ale, and Fisherman’s Brew—a solid list of beers that all come from local breweries.

The place itself is quirky and fun (my friends were impressed by the music selection—an eclectic mix featuring Rancid, The Ramones, Richard Cheese covering Papa Roach, The Smiths, the Talking Heads, and last but never least, Weird Al Yankovich’s classic, the oh-so-catchy White and Nerdy).

It’s too bad our beer didn’t come in beakers, but the place does give off the vibe of a science lab. Regardless, it’s a cool place to go and drink and talk or just people watch.

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Miracle of Science Bar and Grill Map & Directions

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