The Friendly Toast

1 Kendall Sq # B3101
Cambridge, MA 02139-1595
(617) 621-1200

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Friendly ToastNot Your Average Diner

A wacky, off-beat 50’s diner just off the Kendall square T-stop, The Friendly Toast is exactly what the name suggests; a friendly place to gather for toast with friends. Surrounded by MIT buildings and labs, it’s a nice piece of chaos amidst all the order and chemicals.

The décor is consciously zany, an almost nightmarish play off of a traditional diner. The walls are lime green, the tables a neon orange. Decapitated dolls, a life size 50′s era Barbie, mustachioed hamburgers, and multiple coo-coo clocks stare at you as you eat.

The restaurant is cluttered with vintage 60’s advertisements and slogans, a throwback to America’s good ole days on acid. It feels like a tripped-out, delicious dream.

A Big Breakfast

The menu is huge and definitely breakfast/brunch heavy. I got the Breakfast Burrito, which was more than decent, a recipe enlivened by avocado-lime sauce and a fresh cilantro spread. Yummy and eggy and cheesy and warm – all things you want from a breakfast burrito.

The toast is amazing and baked in-restaurant; if you order any basic breakfast you get to choose from whole wheat, cinnamon raisin, oatmeal (yes), anadama and cayenne-cheddar.

Alternatively, you can add a side order of toast to any plate of your choice, such as the King Cakes (two mini pancakes with bananas and chocolate chips inside and peanut butter in between, with real whipped cream top encircled by a side of bacon or the Hansel and Gretel Waffle (gingerbread waffle topped with pomegranate molasses).

A side of carbs with your carbs may seem excessive, but the toast is worth it. Theoretically you could get a garden salad, but why would you? A salad place this isn’t. Toast, beer, potatoes, eggs, muffins, bagels. The Friendly Toast is the best place to go for a carb stuffed breakfast in Cambridge.

 The Friendly Toast Map & Directions

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