Flour Bakery and Cafe

190 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139
(617) 225-2525

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Flour Bakery

About Flour Bakery and Cafe

Flour Bakery and Cafe is an easy five-minute walk from the Central T stop (Flour also has two bakeries in Boston). It’s also one of the best bakeries in Cambridge.

A clean, brightly lit, decently-sized space with individual tables and communal tables, lunch hours at Flour (anytime between 11-3) are varying levels of crazy, with a line that can take up most of the cafe.

But unlike the typical line at a Starbucks, waiting customers are not angry/impatient/self-righteous; they’re happy. I have personally witnessed this, eavesdropping on multiple conversations that consist solely of swapped, increasingly hyperbolic exclamations of a dramatic love for Flour.

Tasty Recommendations

Internal debates over what to order are vocalized and increasing levels of stress are conveyed as people near the counter and face the prospect of making a decision. I get it. When everything is delicious, it’s really hard to choose.

So, for the indecisive – I recommend the brioche au chocolate. Especially if you come in the morning; all Flour’s pastries, breads, and buns are baked fresh daily, so if you get there early it’s guaranteed to be literally right out of the oven.

The brioche is warm and buttery with chocolate (still slightly melted) running through the middle. The scones are also a good choice – buttery and crumbly with the right amount of sweetness (a subtle glaze that adds to the taste instead of cloying frosting).

Something for everyone

I haven’t tried everything, but it doesn’t seem like you can go wrong here. On my wish list – Flour’s french toast, creme brulée, a red velvet cupcake (huge and decadent and piled high with cream cheese frosting), a vegan chocolate muffin (Flour offers a rotating selection of vegan baked goods) and a caramel nut sticky bun roughly the size of my face.

Flour also offers 11 sandwich options (creations, really) ranging from an inventive take on a classic turkey to the more exotic roasted lamb with tomato chutney and goat cheese. For the vegan and vegetarian crowd, there are four vegetarian sandwiches, two of which are vegan.

I tried the vegan grilled tofu panini which spices up the relative blandness of tofu with olive and red pepper tapenade and roasted vegetables. Flour Bakery and Cafe also offers a vegan hummus sandwich (featuring their homemade hummus). Any sandwich can be made as a salad which is helpful when attempting to rationalize getting two dessert pastries. And you should definitely get two desserts.

So, go. Now. It’s so good. I promise.

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Flour Bakery and Cafe Map & Directions

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