Area Four

AreaFour Interior

The interior of Area Four, including two large wood-burning grills that chars their pizza crust to perfection. Photo courtesy of Area Four

500 Technology Square
Kendall Square
(617) 758-4444 – Bar/Oven
(617) 758-4445 – Bakery/Coffeehouse

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Just a short walk away from the Kendall Square T stop is the freshest pizza place you’ll encounter in your entire pizza-eating life, Area Four.

Area Four opened in spring 2011 and is completely dedicated to serving the best food with the freshest ingredients from a long list of local purveyors. They combine a morning and afternoon coffeehouse/bakery with a full-service restaurant.

About Area Four

Their name comes from the neighborhood of their flagship restaurant and cafe in Kendal Square, or Cambridge’s Area IV. In the late 19th and 20th centuries, Area IV was a big player in the industrial field, and is still a hub for technology and information.

It seems as though the design of the restaurant mirrors this rich history, as the interior of the store is all black, white and silver. Two massive wood-burning stoves demand the attention of anyone walking by. Their simple, yet elegant food matches the decor to a tee.

Not only do they serve up a mean pizza, they know how to throw a party as well. They are always cooking up some fun event or another. For example, this Saturday they are throwing their annual Hater’s Valentine’s Day party. Eat your feelings with their “Angry” pizza or Jerked Chicken and Irate Rice. Revel in your pain with their heartbreak playlist, and don’t be afraid to belt out every word to your favorite break-up songs.

They are no stranger to accolade, either. They have been featured on Food Network’s “Best. Ever.” Best. Pizza. Ever episode, as well as a spot on Cooking Channel’s Unique Sweets.

Area Four Food and Drink

For Area Four, fresh food is King. Their pizza dough is made simply from 12-year-old starter, water, flour and salt. That’s it. It is fermented for over 30 hours and then served. Even their cheese is hand-pulled and perfected in-house. They have a wide array of menus, from brunch, to drinks and dinner. They cater as well!

Trio of Spreads, Area Four

The Trio of Spreads. Photo Courtesy of Area Four

There are so many enticing options on the dinner menu, it’s hard to choose just one appetizer and entree. So, luckily, my guest and I didn’t choose just one! For starters, we decided to try the Garlic Knots and the Trio Spreads.

The Garlic Knots came out piping hot with gremolata and pecorino and served with a red sauce for dipping. My mouth watered at just the smell, and as soon as I bit into one of the crunchy, garlicky knots, I couldn’t stop.

The Trio Spreads included three different spreads (shocker!) served with slightly crisp pita bread. You get the option of dipping your bread in either tzatziki, white bean and garlic hummus or a beet and horseradish puree. My favorite was by far the hummus. Pita is always the perfect dipper for hummus, and their version has all the chickpea goodness you expect out of hummus. The horseradish puree was a bit too spicy for my taste, but the tzatziki was a good cool-off compliment.

Margherita, Area Four

The Margherita Pizza. Photo Courtesy of Area Four

After we indulged in appetizers, the time had come for what we had been waiting for the entire time: the pizza. We decided, after much deliberation, to share two small pizzas: the Margherita and the Carnivore.

We’ve all had nights where we eat way too much greasy, floppy pizza from the No-Name store down the street, enjoying it more than we should and then feeling a tad guilty after. Well, those nights are over.

The pizza at Area Four tastes so fresh that you won’t even feel bad for eating a whole pie in one sitting. The crust is the exact right amount of crunchy, yet still soft on the inside. Their red sauce is a perfect compliment to the whole dish, and the cheese is melty, yet still gooey.

Both the Margherita, red sauce with mozzarella, tomato, pecorino and basil and the Carnivore, red sauce with mozzarella, sopresetta, tomato, sausage and bacon, were delicious.

Area Four also knows how to serve up a great drink as well. Their bar program features a wide range of craft beer, wine and cocktails to wash everything down.

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-Alicia Lazzaro, Editor-in-Chief