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Looking for Cambridge restaurants? With cultural epicenters like Kendall Square, Harvard Square, and Porter Square, Cambridge, MA  is a region that appreciates good food, drink, and excellent company.  (Editor’s Note: If you’re planning a dinner in Cambridge or Boston check out ZAGATS Restaurant Guide.)

Cambridge is home to countless restaurants and bars, where residents and visitors alike can eat, drink and appreciate the high-level of food quality Cambridge has to offer. However, with countless options, it is sometimes difficult to decide on where to dine or to know what each place offers. How do you figure it all out?

Inside Cambridge Restaurants

Veggie Planet Cambridge Restaurants

Diners enjoying a meal and good conversation at Temple Bar

With our “Inside Cambridge Restaurants” section, we’ve compiled an ever-growing list of Cambridge restaurants to help with your dining decisions.

Each page informs you about what the restaurant specializes in as well as displays two pictures of the establishment, one inside picture and one outside picture.

This way, all you potential diners out there can get a glimpse into what Cambridge truly has to offer.  You’ll also get to see some of the food up close.

Cambridge Restaurants Reviews

For those of you who are looking for more in-depth information on Cambridge restaurants, we have a section for that, too!

Our “Restaurant Reviews” section is home to detailed accounts of our personal dining experiences at different Cambridge restaurants. We’re no Yelp, but that’s what makes us great: We have professional, highly trained restaurant reviewers getting you information.

In our reviews, we go into detail about the food, the atmosphere, the service, and the overall experience. If you want to know if a place is upbeat or low-key, better for lunch or dinner, we’ve been there, and we can tell you.

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Veggie Planet Cambridge Restaurants

Veggie Planet in Harvard Square

If you have a favorite Cambridge restaurant that’s not listed, drop us a note at and we’ll get your favorite restaurant on the website. We are adding new content every week.