Harvard Square: An Illustrated History

In association with Amazon.com, we are pleased to present Harvard Square: An Illustrated History Since 1950. This book takes you on an illustrated journey through Harvard Square. It makes a fantastic gift, informational, or coffee table book.

ISBN-10: 1584797479
ISBN-13: 978-1584797470

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About Harvard Square: An Illustrated History

Authors: Mo Lotman, John Updike, Tom Rush, Bill Weld, Amanda Palmer

Everyone knows Harvard Square. It’s where many famous people walked, including Barack Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Fidel Castro, Conan O’Brien, Natalie Portman, and many others crossed. It is a place rich in history. And now, it can be yours.

What makes this book unique from other Harvard Square books is that it gives an illustrated guide to how Harvard Square has changed each decade. Beginning in 1950, this book documents the famous neighborhood, its shops, history, and traditions.

According to Amazon.com reviewer Ellie:

“If you were here years ago, this will bring back memories. If you have never been here, when you visit you will know far more than the average tourist. Incidentally, Harvard University is not the focus, but rather incidental to the story. This is best since Harvard is a multiverse virtually incapable of being confined in a print publication.”

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Harvard Square: An Illustrated History Since 1950

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