Harvard Square: A Novel

In association with Amazon.com, we are pleased to present Harvard Square: A Novel. Available for instant download on Kindle, hardcover, paperback, and MP3 CD, this novel explores the life of a Jewish Egyptian grad student and his unlikely friendship with a Boston cabbie.

ISBN-10: 0393348288
ISBN-13: 978-0393348286

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harvard square: a novel
About Harvard Square: A Novel

In the fall of 1977, a young Egyptian Jew walks across Harvard Yard with one goal—to become an English literature professor. He spends his days reading seventeenth century fiction on Harvard Yard when he meets a brash cabbie named Kalaj.

The book succeeds at bringing together two worlds: the protagonist’s highbrow, Harvard society, with Kalaj’s impoverished, exiled one. As the friends become close, much is revealed about human nature and the history of iconic Cambridge.

Book Reviews

“So candid, so penetrating and so beautifully written that it can make you feel cut open, emotionally exposed.” (Sam Sacks – Wall Street Journal)

“Slyly comic…Touching and beautifully written.” (Charles McGrath – New York Times)

“A plaintive love letter to displaced, wandering people, to anyone who longs for home and reaches unwisely for the hand of a fellow wanderer.” (Ron Charles – Washington Post)

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Harvard Square: A Novel

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