Harvard A to Z

In association with Amazon.com, we are pleased to present Harvard A to Z by John T. Bethell, Richard M. Hunt, and Robert Shenton. This hardcover book explores the nation’s oldest university: Harvard University.

ISBN-13: 978-0674012882 
ISBN-10: 0674012887

Harvard A to ZAbout Harvard A to Z

This book is an alphabetic compendium of Harvard University. It contains short, concise, and powerful essays about the institution from Harvardiana to admissions to X Cage and Z Closet.

You’ll also take a step back into the Harvard archives with some dated texts about the institution never released before. Additionally, you’ll get to learn more about and explore attractions such as the Arnold Arboretum (a Cambridge.com favorite), Warren Museum, Charles River, and, of course, iconic and bustling Harvard Square.

With Harvard A to Z, you will be able to browse and peruse through the prestigious institution in a series of essays and facts. This stunning collection is a great gift for the incoming freshman, current student, recent graduate, alumni, or reader just wanting to know more.

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Harvard A to Z

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