Hacking Harvard

In association with Amazon.com, we are pleased to present Hacking Harvard, a novel by Robin Wasserman. This hilarious teen and middle grade novel follows best friends Eric, Max, and Schwarz. They have one goal: get their arch nemesis, slacker Clay Porter, into Harvard University.

ISBN-10: 1416936335
ISBN-13: 978-1416936336

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hacking harvardAbout Hacking Harvard

This novel is unpredictable and edgy, revolving around a bet three best friends make that they can or can’t get a slacker into Harvard. These intelligent “hackers” infiltrate the admissions system—with hilarious results.

If they get Porter into Harvard, nothing can go wrong. Right?

Book review

“If you are a high school student who, like everyone else, cringes in fear when they think about applying to college, pick up this book. This work is a sort of surreal story that one can only dream about. I am not a very big reader, but boy this book kept me hooked, early and often. His diction is perfect, witty, yet easy to understand. If you liked this book you should most likely see the movie: The Perfect Score(2004). It’s about a bunch of high school kids who think of doing the impossible, stealing the answers to the SAT test. Both that movie and this book have similar themes but nevertheless, you will love both!”
– Shy Daraeikia, Amazon.com reviewer

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Hacking Harvard

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